AMA Livestream – Fair launch. Tokenomics. Marketing

AMA youtube livestream with DeFT founder Marat - Fair launch. Tokenomics. Marketing. Ask your questions

The next AMA youtube livestream with the Founder Marat. Prepare your questions.

1) Examples of other token launches
2) Examples of other token tokenomics
3) How to know if the token is built to make owners/investors rich?
4) Is the large team good for the project?
5) How to recognize the pump & dump scheme?
6) How to know if the contract is standard ERC20 or custom-made with lots of functionality built-in?
7) How to run effective marketing?
8 ) How does the DEFT referral program work?
9) AMA: Ask me anything questions from the audience

⏰ Stream time: May 20, 3 PM UTC

The Video record Transcript

Today we will talk about the fair lunch tokenomics.

Firstly I will show you examples of other projects how their tokenomics work.

Let me share the screen.

Example 1


So for example, if we see this token tokenomics we can clearly see that they are going to add to the liquidity to the Uniswap only 8.7%. And there was a private sale in which they sold 10 of the tokens there at a very cheap price most likely. And then there was a public sale of 0.6%. This was a slightly higher price and it was done through PolkaStarter in IDO (Initial Dex Offering). And as you can see the rest goes to the team to some programs and everything else. But mainly it is important to see that the liquidity will be only 8%. So for example you didn’t participate in IDO. You didn’t participate in the private round and then you come to the Uniswap and you will have only 8% of the supply there to buy.

So most likely you will get a very bad price will go up. Very quickly your price will be better. You’ll get fewer tokens. And the people who bought at public sale or private round they will be cashing out right there and they will get 10x or 100 x just at least. And that will make you lose your investment. 

That’s how usually tokenomics works in other projects. And all of them if you can see are looking the same.

Example 2


So here we see crowd sale is 0.44 which I believe is a public sale and I couldn’t find how many tokens they put to the liquidity. But as you can see private round was 12
And next example

Example 3


The seed round or private sales are 24% altogether. The public sale is 1%. They also didn’t write how much they will put into the Uniswap but I believe it will be 1 to 3% of the total supply which is very low.

For example, this token distribution stands for an automated market maker or Uniswap.

Example 4


And as you can see they will add only 1% of the total supply. That is a very bad sign for me! Because it will be not fair for people to have only 1% in the Uniswap. So they will get bad prices and partners public people from the private sales will be cashing out and will be earning the most of the money. But not the people who buy publicly on the Uniswap.

Example 5

And another example here also private sale, seed sale, public sale, and where is the Uniswap?


I can’t I can find it here. But also most likely 1-3%.

The DeFT tokenomics

And how our tokenomics works

The DeFT Tokenomics

As you can see here we have a developer fund. And listing fund which will be used for

developing and future roadmap updates. And also will be used for the listings on Binance or other exchanges. For marketing, we use only 5% which is vested for one year. And team tokens will be vested for two years. And we will add 70% of the supply to the Uniswap and usually the fairest launch that I’ve seen.

Usually does something like 40 or 45 percent of supply on pre-sale and the rest about 50 percent usually token owners put to the Uniswap. That way on pre-sale you can set the price for the people. It will be the same as the listing price. Then there will be no reason for people who bought a private sale to sell the tokens because they will just sell at least by a price. So they will get their money back. And that was the fairest sale I have seen and that’s why we decided to do no pre-sale because if we do any pre-sale people will just cash out on the listing which is not good for the project and the price and we decided to put 70% to the Uniswap and our team will fund 50 000 dollars for the initial liquidity. This will give us the team’s price 58% more expensive than the listing price. I think this is a fair launch because the only people who are risking are the team. But not the initial investors so that’s how our tokenomics works. This will be fair for everyone.

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