Defi Factory – the final goal

Token owner will be able to change any features he likes to have in his token. Then chooses the protection level (Secured by DEFT). Uniswap/ pancakeswap feed. Cross-chain bridge functionality

Defi Factory – the final goal
is to make one magic button
to deploy your token with
anti-bot protection

Token owner will be able to change any features he likes to have in his token

  • Anti pump & dump sell tax cycles (15% –> 0%)
  • Tax for detected bots (99.9%)
  • Developer tax – 10% of tax goes to the developer in tokens
  • Burn tax – 40% of tax is burned on each tax applied
  • Redistribution tax – 50% goes to token holders

Token owner then chooses the protection level
(Secured by DEFT)

  • Basic protection – only on-chain protection which blocks front-running bots, some smart contract bots and very few sniping bots. This is the maximum possible level of on-chain detection and it doesn’t detect even 30% of sniping bots. Also it combines all detected bots database in DEFT-based tokens. Basic protection is absolutely free, no strings attached.
  • Professional protection – includes additional off-chain protection which costs some ETH depending on how many snipe bots and how long the detection supposed to be working. For example, it may cost 0.5 ETH (plus 100M DEFT to be burned) for 50 sniping bots detected and 7 days long protection. This protection will be done using our unique off-chain detector which finds 99.9% of sniping bots even those trying to manually snipe on etherscan / bscscan. Numbers are approximate and final version will be cheaper depending on how much gwei gas price is at time

Token contracts will be
automatically verified
right after deploying

Token owner will have full control of everything. Including ability to block/unblock any wallets (if he thinks our protection wrongly blocked someone).

However we will have website UI allowing anyone to see if their wallet is blocked in system and exact reason what for.

Presale contract will
have ability to edit
tokenomics at certain

  • % of team tokens to mint and list of their wallets
  • hard cap – max amount of ETH/BNB to receive
  • per wallet limits – min/max amount any wallet is allowed to invest
  • how long liquidity will be locked at Team Finance (min 1 week, max 100 years)
  • team tokens vesting schedule (e.g. 1-2 years linear vested)

Additional features such
as uniswap/
pancakeswap feed
telegram channel will be
probably deployed free
of charge

Presale contract will be automatically created and listed on our launchpad.

However we will have to allow only doxxed teams or somehow audited projects to list on our launchpad.

Cross-chain bridge functionality will be added out of the box free of charge.

Token will be able to launch on ETH/BSC chains at the same time

How long it will take to build all of this?

  • I believe it will take about 6 months or less to build whole system and test everything
  • We are not trying to build it with tape and glue instead we want to make sure it is working safe and stable
  • Our protection detects only sniping bots. While other “anti-bot protections” make shortcuts and sometimes mark real users as bots which
    is unacceptable for us.

What our next milestones of the developments?

  • This week we are updating our cross-chain bridge allowing us to list other DEFT-based tokens (such as lambo)
  • After that we are updating our bot protection, because we had one smart (really clever) contract bypassed it.
    On next bot detection update such sniping method won’t be possible anymore
  • Automation and building seamless deploy process for token owners is the next target to complete next (which is the most complicated part)

As we can see we are in the bear market right now.

Most of the tokens that don’t provide any value to the DEFI world will be eliminated from the market.

This gives us opportunity to make things right and develop our ideas.

When the next bull market comes we will be prepared with our unique solution to do nice and clean launches available for everyone