DeFi Factory Token (DEFT) launching Timeline

Use this checklist and recommendations to prepare yourself for launching DEFT and buy it with a Referral link and minimal tax. Beware of scammers!

⌚️ 24 May Timeline:

1️⃣ 2:00 PM UTC: Telegram group will be locked
2️⃣ 2:30 PM UTC: Youtube Livestream starts
3️⃣🔥 3:00 PM UTC: Adding liquidity during the live stream
4️⃣ 3:30 PM UTC: Livestream ends and Telegram Group is unlocked

DEFT Launching today

✅ Checklist:

1️⃣ Prepare ETH in your metamask wallet
2️⃣ Add mainnet contract address to your metamask: 0xdef1fac7Bf08f173D286BbBDcBeeADe695129840
3️⃣ Enable advanced gas control in your metamask settings: Video
4️⃣ Open mainnet uniswap V2 link
5️⃣ Set uniswap slippage to 50% and enable expert mode: Video
6️⃣ Become team referral (to reduce the tax to 5%)
❗️ The referral dashboard will be fixed at 11 AM UTC
7️⃣ Check our testnet listing training: Video
8️⃣🔥 Wait for the Livestream to start at 2:30 PM UTC
9️⃣🔥 Buy DEFT tokens 3:00 PM UTC

👍 Recommendations:

1️⃣ Decide the amount of gwei you are going to use
2️⃣ We recommend using at least 200 gwei (or 0.08 ETH additional fee)
3️⃣ The larger gwei you will use the more chances to get listing price
4️⃣ For 1 ETH purchase we recommend at least 200 gwei (or 0.08 ETH additional fee)
5️⃣ For 5 ETH purchase we recommend at least 700 gwei (or 0.25 ETH additional fee)
6️⃣ For 10 ETH purchase we recommend at least 1400 gwei (or 0.50 ETH additional fee)
7️⃣ For 25 ETH purchase we recommend at least 3500 gwei (or 1.25 ETH additional fee)

🔗 Important links:

📜 Contract Address:
🦄 Uniswap V2 Buy Link:
💹 Dextools Chart:

‼️ Beware of scammers:

🔻 Do not give your seed phrase to anyone (even admins)
🔻 Do not open links in DM (Admins will never DM you)
🔻 Double check the contract address which contains word “def1fac7” (0xdef1fac7Bf08f173D286BbBDcBeeADe695129840) which means “defifact” in LeeT language

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