DEFT becomes CERBY

James (@xwf22) - founder of @CerbyMask has joined our team. Finishing up 'Cerby Wrapping Service'. CERBY staking. NFT marketplace launching.

👏 Exciting news!
There have been lots of exciting news behind the scenes we can finally share with you!

1️⃣ James (@xwf22) – founder of @CerbyMask has joined our team. is an extension-wallet for the radix network – the core element in the radix ecosystem.
Cerby Mobile – wallet will be developed right after extension.
Both projects are open-source and free to use without any limitation.

2️⃣ We are renaming @DefiFactory (DEFT) to Cerby Token (CERBY) in 24 hours since this message

Trademark ‘Cerby’ is being registered in USA right now.
Cerby brand will allow us to build numerous projects on blockchains and Radix DLT network where CERBY will be the main utility token in the ecosystem.


3️⃣ Finishing up ‘Cerby Wrapping Service’ which will wrap any ERC20/BEP20 token to it’s wrapped version.

For example, USDC –> cerUSD, BUSD –> cerUSD, WETH –> cerETH, EXRD –> cerXRD, WBNB –> cerBNB
Expecting to complete wrapping service by the end of this week.

4️⃣ Wrapped version of the token will be a new Cross-Chain Token Standard

allowing you to bridge these tokens among supported blockchains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon) and Radix DLT.

  • Bridge to Radix DLT is still in development
  • Bridge between blockchains is fully functional:

5️⃣ Cerby Swap will be the next ‘uniswap on Radix’

It will be working before even smart contracts (which are called ‘components’) are released on the Radix DLT network.
Later on, when ‘scrypto components’ are released we will switch to the new implementation.

6️⃣ Cerby Launchpad will allow you to launch a cross-chain token on blockchains and Radix DLT network.

There will be a fair presale model with the vesting of the tokens and referral program.

  • Currently in testnet development (

7️⃣ Cerby Staking is an improved math model of HEX / WiseToken staking.

It will be available on the Radix DLT network after ‘scrypto components’ will be deployable to the Radix DLT network.
Currently, it is fully functional on BSC and Polygon networks:

8️⃣ Cerby Bank will be allowing you to get the loans against your CERBY stakes

9️⃣ Cerby Sea will be an analog of opensea NFT but functioning on Radix DLT network

1️⃣0️⃣ Cerby Pay – API and dashboard allowing you to create your own products, set up price in USD.

Users will be opening the product page, clicking the pay button, and pay using XRD or any other Radix DLT Tokens available.
It will allow simple integration for product/service providers and a smooth experience for users.
We will be promoting the ‘pay using radix‘ model on the websites.
The idea is similar to API

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