Where will CERBY be listed?

Uniswap, pancakeswap, quickswap, BSC

Is there any minimum order quantity?

No minimum

Can you explain a little bit about your front run bots protection?

Frontruns are the main headache of DEX users on uniswap. There are mining pools buying before you and selling right after you. Robbing you from your profits.
This is not going to happen with our token

Are the front bots connected to all the exchanges? And whoever decides to sale in any exchange the run bots are going to be buying everything?

Frontun bots are popular on uniswap mostly. Haven’t heard on BSC or Matic

Where can I find the whitepaper?

The whitepaper has been published here already

Where can I buy that token? Whats the procedure for investing ?

– The token has been launched on 24 May 2021
– The Contract address is https://etherscan.io/address/0xdef1fac7Bf08f173D286BbBDcBeeADe695129840
– Please use this checklist to buy the token from this Post
– The Uniswap V2 Buy Link
CERBY Token on CoinMaretCap
– Keep fresh in our Telegram news channel @DefiFactoryNews
– Enjoy 50% less tax (reduced to 5% instead of 10% for non-referrals)

What is front running bot?

Ethereum front-running happens because bots are able to bid “a slightly higher gas price on a transaction, incentivizing miners to place earlier in the order when constructing the block. The higher-paying transactions are executed first.

Is front running illegal?

Front-running is illegal and unethical when a trader acts on inside information. A straightforward example of front-running occurs when a broker exploits market-moving knowledge that has not yet been made public. There are gray areas. An investor may buy or sell a stock and then publicize the reasoning behind it.

Is there a contract address?

The contract address is available since the launch date 24 May 2021.
Use it please https://etherscan.io/address/0xdef1fac7Bf08f173D286BbBDcBeeADe695129840
Double check the contract address which contains word “def1fac7” (0xdef1fac7Bf08f173D286BbBDcBeeADe695129840) which means “defifact” in LeeT language

Other than this what else can this token do? What’s the plan?

The CERBY token is a built-in upgradeable modular structure. We can add any functionality on top of the core token such as staking, farming, governance, token factories, premium telegram group tokens, cross-chain balancing, cross-chain bridges.

How can we be sure that no rug pull will happen if the liquidity lock proof will be posted only after the listing?

Liquidity lock will happen during the launch of Livestream. Proofs of locking will be posted on telegram and the website. Team tokens are vested for 1-2 years. There is no presale. The team gets tokens 58% more expensive than the listing price. Nobody gets a price equal to or less than the listing price. There is no way of rug pull possible here or pump & dump scheme.

So basically there are bots that wait to do trades until there is a transaction made by someone else with a large amount of slippage? I’ve experienced this several times now where even with decent slippage the transaction has failed and I lost the gas fees to the miners

Yes, front-run bots (operated by mining pools) are targeting specific transactions with a high amount of slippage in settings. And successfully make ‘sandwich attack’ buying before target transaction and selling right after it. Draining profits from regular users. Our token cares for every user that’s why we don’t want these bots to steal profits from CERBY holders.

What is the team’s previous professional experience? Marat and other guys

Marat was doing programming himself and then hired a small team of programmers. They are doing marketing software reaching thousands of potential eCommerce clients.
Alex from brn.ai is created AI-based automation systems for eCommerce business, helping the clients to engage and reach their customers effectively.
Mitchell is an expert in Instagram, Twitter, Telegram marketing. He is the one pushing the marketing of our token very effectively even at a tight budget.

And this token avoids bot detection?

Yes, the token avoids bot detection at its code level. It is a permanent solution from bots, not a temporary patch that will be cracked by bots later.

What is the long-term vision for the token? 1 year from now and beyond?

Our vision is development first, marketing later. We plan to expand the functionality of CERBY to increase the value of the token each time we developed a new interesting thing. The ultimate goal is to allow any token owner to create their own CERBY with all our core functions as a new ERC standard.

Aren’t you worried about liquidity? Usually, the people who run bots are the ones “pushing” the token. They have strong marketing groups to make it viral.

These bots are stealing much more liquidity than they bring through the ‘pushing’. When you see a clean token with no bots ruining it you will automatically tell your friends about it. This word of mouth will work much better than any paid marketing.

Is it possible to burn the bot on top of just preventing it?

There are two ways: one to fail a transaction if it was made by a bot, second is to tax 99% of their transaction and reward CERBY holders. We chose the second way because bots have been stealing a lot of profits from users and it’s time to reverse the trend and reward CERBY holders instead.

It is not visible when and how a bot is working

It is possible to analyze bots transactions to know how they work. But in our token, it will look like bots are just avoiding it.

Do you have a marketing plan/budget to push the token into the market? Briefly, what does it look like?

We have a marketing wallet which is 5% of the total supply vested for 1 year. We plan to use it as our budget for future marketing.

How the bot can know you are going to make the deposit after him?

Bots can emulate transactions in their virtual machine environment. They could know exactly if they will profit from executing the transaction before sending it to the network. That’s how they avoid our token.

So basically the token is gonna allow developers of their own coins to whitelist bots. So only they can use bots to support their liquidity, but other bots can’t interfere?

Yes, correct. Whitelisting is a basic technique to prevent bad contracts from doing something not useful for the token.

When can you purchase the token on pancake swap?

Since May 24, 4 pm UTC token is available to buy on Uniswap. Pancakeswap listing will happen in 30 days after Uniswap listing.

Will you have a tutorial video of how to buy a CERBY token on Uniswap on 24 May?

Yes, video tutorials are posted on our Youtube playlist and in the @CerbyToken Telegram channel
The Referral Dashboard link

So only Uniswap during launch? Basically, using Ethereum then swapping for CERBY?

Yes we’ve launched on Uniswap since May 24, 4 pm UTC

Will it be on Binance?

We need to raise $1.5M to list on Binance, when we do it will be there