Liquidity redistribution update: Completed

Liquidity was redistributed. ETH: 10%, BSC: 50%, Polygon: 40%. DEFT token became paired with: USDC - Polygon and BUSD - BSC

In order to prepare a launchpad system for pairing newly launched tokens with the DEFT token (as a base currency) the following changes are completed.
There were several times I almost had heart attack however everything went smooth and without any issues 👍

🔂 Changes:

1. Liquidity was redistributed (to all chains) in the following proportions

  • ETH: 10%,
  • BSC: 50%,
  • Polygon: 40%

2. DEFT token became paired with:

  • USDC (on ETH/Polygon chain)
  • and BUSD (on BSC chain)

3. Current price is 1 DEFT = 0.000042 USD on all chains

If you want to follow every step I did and how did it go in detail, follow messages in the group here:
Let me know if something is not clear.

🔗 Important links:

📜 Contract Address (ETH/BSC/Polygon): 0xdef1fac7Bf08f173D286BbBDcBeeADe695129840

🌉 Bridge:

🦄 Uniswap V3:

🥞 Pancakeswap:

💨 Quickswap:

📊 Dextools ETH:

📊 Dextools BSC:

📊 Dextools Polygon:

⚽️ Trade Feed: @DefiFactoryFeed

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