Premium Telegram Groups – The first DEFT use-case

The first DEFT use-case to demonstrate how you can use your own tokens for the OnlyFans model of the VIP group

First use case of DEFT is developed! Video demo.

Premium Telegram Groups - DEFT Usecase

1️⃣ If you hold > 50M of DEFT
2️⃣ You can start this bot @DeftPremiumGroupBot
3️⃣ Authorize your wallet and access DEFT premium group
4️⃣ When your wallet has less than 50M DEFT you are automatically kicked from the group

ℹ️ This is just for demo purposes. There is no actual benefit joining this group right now.
🔻 We plan to make this available for other tokens that will be using our DEFT Factory token creation
🔻 Public speakers can create their own token with us and have their VIP group
🔻 Onlyfans models can use this feature
🔻 Tokenized companies could have shareholders discussion group

🔥Video tutorial how to join the group:

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