Quick DEFT after Launching analysis

Someone got top1 using only 5 Ethereum and 500 gwei
Quick DEFT after Launching analysis

This is the list of first buyers
0) adding the liquidity https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0b9e14a4113cd409c2940b8896dacd6ea0a3193a12a7f30a62ff0ede3eb59be1
Happened smoothly in the 12497967 block

1) Someone got top1 using only 5 Ethereum and 500 gwei
After that, he sold everything and got back 404 Ethereum.

2) This was obviously bot trying to buy at highest gwei 15,015 gwei
As you can see in the logs he got detected as a bot and 99% of his tokens were taxed
So this bot added 50 Ethereum to the liquidity and more than that paid 2.89 Eth in fees
From this transaction, liquidity was increased and the top (1) guy got taxes as well

3) The third buy after adding liquidity using 5006 gwei

4) The forth buy using 2000 gwei

5) The fifth purchase was 1567 gwei

Thats quick overview of what has happened here.

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