What listing bots don’t like

How listing bots work. How we help users to get profit from listing bots

How listing bots work

The usual behavior of listing crypto bots is sniping the new emerging tokens and get the most of profit from there. You can look after their work even for each new token start on the DeFi area. They buy some amount and sale immediately with a higher price. And sometimes they can earn a pretty tangible amount as a net profit. Maybe about 5-50 Eth even for a few seconds.

The listing bot takes super profit

Thus, they steal from both the creators of the token and ordinary users. And these bots simply leave after a while when the token price stabilizes.

How we help users to get profit from listing bots

That is why we’ve started the first token with an anti listing bots protection. When some listing bot purchases the amount they get a high penalty as a tax. And this tax is distributed to all holders.

The listing bot gets a tax penalty. And this tax is distributed to all holders

Anti listing bots protection

Even we found it pretty interesting to publish here live dialogs with bot owners.

The bottom line

The new tokens and all other future tokens based on DEFT should be quite interesting for all holders.

Here are the most attractive features of all DEFT based tokens:

  • Anti listing bots protection
  • Anti frontrun bot protection
  • Anti pump & dump protection
  • Redistribution of the tax to holders

How it helps you

Thanks to the above features it is profitable to buy and hold the token.

You are quite free to create your own DEFT-based token with the same features.

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