A DeFi ecosystem centered on cross-chain technology that allows users to bridge, swap, and stake tokens across blockchains and DLT networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Radix DLT. Cross-chain dApps that work seamlessly across these networks empower users to transfer value, balance prices, and seek better returns, while protecting against front-running bots from stealing potential profits.
Cerby Finance
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Cross-Chain Bridge
1% progress
CerbyLaunchpad is a platform for projects to raise capital via a cross-chain token presale with a vesting schedule and bot protection. A vetting process will confirm projects are legitimate to minimize investor concerns. Tokens will be paired with our cerUSD stable coin.
CerbyWrappingService is a unique Cerby-based token standard that allows users to wrap any existing token on any supported chain making them bridgeable via CerbyBridge to any other supported chain with built-in bot protection. Example: EXRD --> cerEXRD.eth
Cerby Wrapping Service
CerbyStaking is a bond-based staking model where you commit to locking your CERBY tokens for a fixed period of time in return for a 10-40% APR. Rewards are accumulated while your stake is locked and released on maturing.
CerbyBridge allows users to bridge CERBY and any Cerby-wrapped tokens across supported chains. Bridge to Radix DLT is currently in development.
1% progress
CerbyRouter is a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap tokens across supported chains (Example: swap USDT on Ethereum chain to SAFEMOON on BSC chain). Two-step transactions are required to confirm operations on both chains.
1% progress
CerbyMobile is the mobile wallet for the Radix DLT ecosystem. Every user will be able to interact with scrypto components and perform standard transactions such as send, receive, and stake XRD tokens.
1% progress
CerbyPay is a payment protocol for retailers to create invoices and subscriptions in USD and allow customers to pay in XRD, CERBY or any other Radix-based token.
1% progress
CerbyBank is a lending service that allows users to receive a loan against staked tokens. CerbyBank will calculate the risks, issue collateral tokens based on staked tokens, and liquidate stakes if loans are not repaid on time.
1% progress
CerbyNFT is a NFT marketplace exclusively available on the Radix DLT network where you can buy, sell, and transfer your NFTs as well as list your own collections.
5% progress
CerbySwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) exclusively available on the Radix DLT network. It will follow the automated market maker algorithms described in the Uniswap whitepaper.
CerbyToken is a cross-chain token standard available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom blockchains, with Radix DLT coming soon. The value of the token is equalized across all chains through arbitrage opportunities via CerbyBridge, providing real users with profit opportunities while being protected from bots.
1% progress
CerbyUSD (cerUSD) is a cross-chain algorithmic stable coin always pegged to 1 USDC on all chains. Price stabilization mechanism is based on a proprietary burn/swap method developed by the Cerby team.
CerbyMask is a wallet for Web3 interactions with RadixDLT ledger. Supported functions include: viewing, sending tokens; delegated staking on Radix Validators; scrypto components interactions.
Anti-Bot Protection protects all Cerby-based tokens and smart contracts with an automatic-bot detection system that allows bots to buy but prevents them from selling. Cerby Finance prioritizes real users who interact with our ecosystem through a browser or wallet over automated bots that can unfairly front-run regular investor activity.
Anti-Bot Protection
Cerby Timeline
September 2021
A cross-chain bridge was developed and Binance Smart Chain was added first allowing users to transfer DEFT token between Eth and Bsc chains. Small amount of liquidity was added to have some natural trades occurring on BSC chain.
June 2022
Planning to release CerbyMask extension update with new design and more user friendly interface.
DEFT Cross-chain Staking was introduced with such key features as: controlled APR, bonus for small investors, scraping rewards, supporting all blockchains except ETH because gas fees are too expensive there
We decided to redistribute the liquidity among three chains: Eth 10%, BSC 50%, Polygon 40%
DEFT token was paired with USDC stablecoin in order to keep it more stable from market fluctuations.
October 2021
October 2021
May 2021
DefiFactory (DEFT) token was launched which aims to protect from front-running and sniping bots. Initial liquidity was provided by the team along with 70B tokens to uniswap pair. Other 30B were placed into team vesting contract. There was no pre-sale, no airdrops, just free market on uniswap.
November 2021
Fee-on-transfer (or taxing) was disabled as it was reducing token trade volume which would made impossible to create future launchpad. Launchpad requires to have no fee on transfer.
July 2021
Expanded to two additional chains: Avalanche and Fantom. Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listings updated. Etherscan and other explorers changed token symbol to CERBY. Arbitrage opportunities page has been created.
Liquidity redistributed in the following proportions: 10% Eth, 22.5% four other chains.
December 2021
Renaming token to Cerby Token (CERBY) and starting the development of CerbyMask extension. Announced future integration plans into Radix DLT ecosystem. Developed Cerby Wrapping Service and Cerby Based Cross-Chain Token contracts allowing us to list other tokens on the bridge.
CerbySwap DEX testnet version should be deployed including analytics page.
CerbyMask additional chains such as Aleph Zero should be added.
July 2022
August 2022